Created in 2018 between Neuchâtel and Marseille, the Flèche association is a

a mixed group of young multidisciplinary Franco-Swiss dancers whose aim is to

aims to develop and promote the union of movement arts. 

We build bridges between different styles of dance and the movement arts. 

We're looking for the magic hidden in fusion, connection, agility and versatility.

Training : 

Through our training courses, regular classes and the Agility method developed by Raphaël Berkane, we work to help passionate dancers, open-minded movers and young talent achieve their full potential. Tomorrow belongs to them. 

Events :

Every year, Flèche organises renowned movement camps, multi-disciplinary tournaments, intensive weekends, dance battles, etc.

Shows :

Flèche creates shows and animations on request that mix disciplines for an original and creative result. You may have  You've already come across members of our team dancing on cruise ships in Neuchatel, performing on the roof of the Beau Lac hotel, executing a Lazer sabre choreography at the sports awards ceremony, organising a Parkour chase at the Temple du bas, dancing on the old port in Marseille, thrilling the landlubbers at the festival des six pompes... 

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Co-founder of Flèche, dancer/performer with several professional companies, teacher and choreographer.

Founder of Flèche Danseur, Acrobate, and Teacher Creator of the "Agility" movement style.

A dancer since the age of 11, Raphael Berkane is one of the leading figures of the new hip-hop generation in Switzerland.

Of Congolese, Algerian and French descent, her career path very soon turned towards an exploration of cross-fertilisation and the synergy of differences.

Moving to Neuchâtel in 2016, he has combined his skills in dance, acrobatics, martial arts and circus to create the "Agility" discipline.

As a competitor, trainer, choreographer and organiser of dance events, he wears many hats, supporting hundreds of dancers and movement talents every year.

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Dancer, Beatmaker, DJ and Osteopath.

Dancer, Choreographer and Actor