Much more than camps, a metamorphosis.
I can't wait for the next camp!
It's a mess!
Geneva Dance CFC
It will remain engraved
It goes beyond dance
Marina Gomes
Director of Hylel
Arrow is the base!
Maxime Renaud
Professional free runner
I only did 2 days and it was already out of time
Manuel Tible
Draughtsman and professional dancer
I was struck by the power of the camp in terms of sharing and kindness.
Kevin Vigneaux
Director of Circo Bello
I've clearly exceeded my limits
They're shaking up the Swiss scene

Experience movement unforgettable and take your dance to places where it's not expected!

Camp Immersion in Flèche and a retreat unique in Europebased on the multidisciplinary movement and specially designed for experienced dancers.

Every year, find a legendary line-up with speakers who share the same vibe as us, who have come from far and wide to bring you pass on their knowledge of movement.

New formula : 7 days of total immersion where you will discover the disciplines of dance, martial arts and agility with 40 other participants who are just as determined as you are.

New workshops, training sessions, highlights, breakthroughs, aches and pains, exchanges, delicious meals, crazy evenings... and a whole lot of fun!

Our mission :
- Developing dancers' agility and versatility through new experiences.

- Take your art to the next level



Places are limited!