Come and see a never-before-seen show in Switzerland!

Movement artists and athletes will have the perfect opportunity to proudly represent your discipline!

Whether you come from hip-hop, circus break, contemporary, parkour, martial arts or capoeira, there's a place for you at the FlĂšche Games, a multi-disciplinary tournament with a whole host of events. 

Price of CHF 1,200 🏆

How it works : 

- Solo conceptual presentations to a panel of multidisciplinary experts (Capoeira, Parkour, tricking, Hip-hop, Electro, Break...) 

- 8 selected team leaders, who will make up their team of 3 from among the participants present 

- 2 pools of 4 teams will compete in different events to score as many points as possible. 

- At the end of these events, the top 2 teams in each pool will meet again in the Semi-Final, then in a special Final until one team emerges victorious from the Battle 🏆

Programme :

- 1.00 pm: Arrival of the artists

- 2pm: Artist pre-selections - CHF 8 online, CHF 10 on site

- 3.00 pm: Public admission - CHF 12

More information :

Judges: -----

Dj : Fabregue

Price Money : 1200 CHF

Address: -------

Date : August 2023

Food and refreshments on site